Selected Conference Remarks

Solutions for Affordable Housing. National Housing Conference. Washington, DC. November 29, 2017.

Destination Detroit: Vibrant Communities Conference. Detroit, MI. November 14, 2017.

Can Architects Shape a Better Future in addition to a Better Built Environment? Hampton University. October 20, 2017.

Washington State Housing Summit. Housing Washington. Spokane, Washington. October 4, 2017.

Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Summit. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Washington, DC. September 9, 2017.

Selling Fair Housing, Assuring Continued Support for Fair Housing. John Marshall Law School. September 7-8, 2017

Solutions for Affordable Housing, National Housing Conference. Washington, DC. December 14, 2016.

Tomorrow's Detroits and Detroit's Tomorrows: The Economics of Race. Institute for New Economic Thinking. Detroit, MI. November 12, 2016.

The Value of Homeownership to Individual and Community Wealth. Annual Urban Institute/Core Logic Symposium. Washington, DC. November 2, 2016.

Growing Wealth and Inequality: Strategies to Promote Economic Mobility. CFED 2016 Assets, Learning Conference. Washington, DC. September 30, 2016.

The Outlook for Housing Nationally and in Detroit. HomeFree-USA 12th Annual Reaching Millions Leadership Training Conference. Detroit, MI. September 19, 2016.

Race and Homeownership: How Housing Contributes to the Racial Wealth Divide, and What Should be Done About it. CFED Assets Learning Conference. Washington, DC. September 30, 2016.

Repairing a Broken Housing Finance System. HomeFree-USA. Detroit, MI. September 19, 2016.

The U.S. Housing Market and Black Homeownership. National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Long Beach, CA. August 2016.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee, Fair Housing Lessons through the Prose of Ali, National Fair Housing Alliance. Washington, DC. July, 2016.

Demographic Change in the US and its Implications for Housing and Mortgage Lending. Urban Institute. Washington, DC. December 16, 2015.

Financial Services Conference. Consumer Federation of America. Washington, DC. December 7, 2015.

Capitol Hill Policy Summit on the Color of Wealth. Center for Global Policy Solutions. Washington, DC. October 23, 2015.

Perspectives on Civil Rights Challenges of Tomorrow. U.S. Department of Justice, Training. Washington, DC. September 30, 2015,

2015 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference. Esperanza. Washington, DC. June 16, 2015.

Annual Fair Housing Luncheon and Workshop. Fair Housing Center West Michigan. Grand Rapids, MI. May 21, 2015.

Consumer Federation of America, Annual National Savings--Washington Forum. Washington, DC. May 20, 2015.

Convening on Race and Economics. Bellagio, Italy. May 11-15, 2015.

2015 Color of Wealth Summit. Center for Global Policy Solutions and the Ford Foundation. Washington, DC. April 23-24, 2015.

Tools toward Market Restoration: The Role of Community Capital. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, IFF and the American Bankers Association. Chicago, IL. March 18-19, 2015.

The Future of Housing – Equity, Stability and Sustainability. Washburn University School of Law. February 25-26, 2015. Topeka, KS.

Regional Housing Forum: Innovating for the Region’s Housing Future. National Housing Conference and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Chicago, IL. October 22, 2014.

The Current State of the U.S. Housing Market and Access to Homeownership. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Washington, DC. September 27, 2014.

The Metrics of Inequality. The John Marshall Law School. Chicago, IL. September 12-13, 2014.

Understanding the Disparate Impact Rule of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, as Amended in 1988. Fair Housing Training Retreat for Attorneys of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Columbia, South Carolina. August 28, 2014.

Silver Rights Leadership Academy. Inauguration of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Atlanta, GA. July 22-24.

The White House Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Federal Housing Administration. The White House, Washington, DC. July 18. 2014.

Color of Wealth Summit. Center for Global Policy Solutions, Insight Center for Community Economic Development and Ford Foundation. Washington, DC. May 1, 2014.

Barriers to Rebuilding Homeownership Among African Americans and the Role of Banks, Nonprofits, and Government to Address those Impediments. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Cleveland, OH. April 30, 2014.

2014 Fair Housing Summit. Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission. Cedar Rapids, IA. April 23, 2104.

Detroit Bankruptcy and Beyond: Organizing for Change in Distressed Cities. Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, Wayne State University Law School, Hass Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, University of California-Berkeley. April 7-8, 2014.

“The Economic Recovery for African Americans.” The Morton Meetings. U.S. Department of the Treasury. February 26, 2014.

Access to Mortgage Credit for African Americans and Latinos.  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Washington, DC. January 28, 2014.

The Power of Politics to Close the Wealth Gap: Leveraging Public Investment to Create Dynamic Change in Urban Communities. The Potomac Coalition, Inc. Wilmington, DE. January 11, 2014.

Current Status of Housing Finance Reform Legislation. Review of Pending Legislative Proposals. National Council of La Raza and Centro de Apoyo Familiar. Woodbridge, VA. December 19, 2013.

The Economic Imperative to Address the Racial Wealth Gap through the Federal Budget. Center for Global Policy Solutions and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. Webinar. December 11, 2013.

The State of Civil Rights in America. Missouri Commission on Human Rights, Annual International Human Rights Day conference. Jefferson City, Missouri. December 6, 2013.

Is the Fair Housing Act Still Needed? Center for American Progress. Washington, DC. November 21, 2013.

Public Policies that Promote Growing Economic Inequality in America. Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. Washington, DC. November 9, 2013.

Lingering Problems from the Foreclosure Crisis and Great Recession for Communities of Color. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. October 22, 2013.

Closing the Wealth Gap: Diversity of People, Policy, and Research. Southern Regional Asset Building Coalition 5th Annual Conference. Jacksonville, FL. October 17, 2013.

Housing: The Changing Landscape. 48th Annual Leaders Conference, National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Denver, CO. October 7, 2013.

Babies, Boomers & Beyond: Economic Security, Community Prosperity & Equity Across the Lifespan. Woodstock Institute 40th Anniversary Research Symposium and Bash. Chicago, IL. October 2-3, 2013.

Annual National Convention. National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Denver, CO. September 4-7, 2013.

International conference on collateral risk: Moderating housing cycles and their systemic impact. Sponsored by American Enterprise Institute. Washington, DC. July 31, 2013.

Rethinking the FHA—An AEI-CAP Discussion. American Enterprise Institute and Center for American Progress. Washington, DC. June 20, 2013.

The Future of Hispanic Homeownership. The National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference. Washington, DC. June 18, 2013.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap for the Next Generation. Insight Center for Community Economic Development. Tiburon, CA. May 24-25, 2013.

The Housing Market: Current Conditions and Future Challenges and Opportunities. National Association of Real Estate Brokers Annual Convention. Denver, CO, April 6, 2013

New Diversity, Old Issues: The Growing Imperative for Inclusion and Equality in America. One Community, Growing Together: Regional Approaches to Creating Inclusive Communities. Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida. Orlando, FL. April 30, 2013.

A Moment in History. 20th Annual HOPE, Inc. Fair Housing Month Celebration, Tribute to the Legacy. Miami, FL. April 26, 2012.

The Evolving Housing Market: Serving Homeowners in the New Regulatory Environment. 3rd Annual Ocwen Financial Community Advocacy Roundtable Luncheon. Washington, DC. April 25, 2013

Sequestration, Incarceration, Wealth, and Health. The Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy’s Race Policy Forum. Economic Policy Institute. April 9, 2011.

A Bolder Vision for the Housing Finance System. Howard University 4th Annual Black Economic Summit. February 1, 2013.

The Economy, Housing Market and Wealth Inequality: An Overview of Current Statistics. Congressional Black Caucus Retreat. Washington, DC. January 17, 2013.

Eminent Domain as a Means to Reduce Principal. Center for American Progress. January 8, 2012.

Preserving Individual and Community Assets in Times of Financial Hardship. Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. Baltimore, MD. November 10, 2012.

FHA Retrospective: Evolving Roles in an Uncertain Housing Climate. The Urban Institute. November 8, 2012.

Growing Inequality: Understanding Its Implications for America. 4th Annual Southern Regional Asset Building Conference. Choctaw, MS. November 1, 2012.

Moderator, The Economic Impact of Microbusiness in the U.S.: Job Creation, Asset Building and Restoring Growth. Advisory Board Meeting
Convened by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. Washington, DC. October 11, 2012.

Moderator: “Helping Distressed Communities.” American Economic Competitiveness Forum on Housing. The White House, Washington DC. September 13, 2012.

Lessons Offered but Not (Necessarily) Learned for the Collapse of the Housing Market and Near Implosion of the U.S. Financial System. From Foreclosure to Fair Lending: Advocacy, Organizing, and the Pursuit of Equitable Access to Credit, a conference of the John Marshall Law School Legal Support Center. Chicago, IL. September 7, 2012.

The Real Estate Road to Recovery. National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Cleveland, OH. August 6, 2012.

The Foreclosure Crisis: Impact on Older Americans. AARP Foreclosure Solutions Forum. Washington, DC. July 23, 2012.

A View of the Economy from Inside the Beltway. Annual Pension and Financial Services Conference. National Association of Securities Professionals. Baltimore, MD. June 20, 2012.

The Long Road Ahead. Economic Outlook at the National Council of Negro Women National Convention. Washington, DC. May 24, 2012.

What African Americans Need to Know to Successfully Recover from the Housing Crisis: A Review of Federal Legislation in the Aftermath of Foreclosures and Existing Resources in Your Community. CBCF 2012 Economic Recovery Forum. Detroit, MI. May 5, 2012.

Foreclosure, Blight and Disaster Recovery – The Problems and the Solutions! State of Housing in Black America Issues Forum. National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Washington, DC. May 2, 2012.

Americans Underwater: Principal Reduction in Policy and Practice. National Community Reinvestment Coalition Annual Conference. Washington, DC. April 21, 2012.

What Does the 49 State AG Mortgage Settlement Mean for Communities of Color? Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative Webinar. Insight Center for Community Economic Development. April 4, 2012.

Reclaiming the Vision of Homeownership: Challenges and Solutions. Roundtable: Homeownership Symposium. NeighborWorks Training Institute. Los Angeles, CA. February 29, 2012.

Developing Sustainable Housing Policies For All People of Color. The National Organization of African Americans in Housing 13th Annual Conference. National Harbor, MD. November 28, 2011.

The Foreclosure Crisis and US Economy: What Next for Business? Miami Equity Summit. Sponsored by the Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust, Miami, FL. September 30, 2011.

A Brighter Future: Investing in Community, Investing in Opportunity. National Community Reinvestment Coalition. Birmingham, AL. September 13, 2011.

The Housing Market Going Forward: Lessons Learned from the Recent Crisis. Federal Reserve Board Housing Forum. Washington, DC. September 1, 2011.

NCNW Panel: Budget Cuts and You. National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Washington, DC. May 20, 2011.

Sustaining Access and Financial Stability in the Home Mortgage Market. Woodstock Institute Annual Community Investment Awards and Housing Finance Forum. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Chicago, IL. May 12, 2011.

The Regulatory Environment and the New York Homeownership Marketplace: An Update. Regional Financial Interagency Breakfast. NASDAQ Marketplace. New York, NY. May 2, 2011.

Understanding the Impacts of Foreclosure on Lower-Income Households and Communities. 2011 Federal Reserve Community Affairs Research Conference. Arlington, VA. April 28, 2011.

The Real Economy for Real People: America’s Growing Divide between the Rich and the Rest. Bowie State University’s International Honor Society in Economics Induction Dinner. Bowie, MD. April 27, 2011.

National Challenges, Local Solutions: New Hope for Distressed Communities. National Community Reinvestment Coalition Annual Conference. Washington, DC. April 14, 2011.

Mitigating the Impacts of the Current Foreclosure Crisis. Co-sponsored by The National Council of La Raza and the New America Foundation. Washington, DC. April 12, 2011.

Addressing the Negative Impacts of Foreclosure. 2011 American Planning Association National Planning Conference. Boston, MA. April 11, 2011.

Restoring Responsible Low-and Moderate Income Mortgage Lending. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Washington, DC. March 1, 2011.

Fair Access to Credit and Financial Services. Young Elected Officians Network Policy Academy on Foreclosure and Neighborhood Stabilization. Baltimore, MD. December 3, 2010.

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Minority Communities. Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Advisory Council. Washington, DC. October 20, 2010.

Real People and the Real Economy: Measuring Economic Wellbeing for Working America. Affordable Housing Summit. Lehigh Valley Community Action Committee., Allentown, PA. September 30, 2010.

It’s Time for a National Housing Policy. Rethinking Homeownership, Revitalization, and Resilience. American Bar Association Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Economic Development Law, Washington, DC. May 27, 2010.

The Foreclosure Crisis Coming to an End? Race and the Economy Policy Forum, Economic Policy Institute. Embassy of Tribal Nations, Washington, DC. May 19, 2010.

Ideas and Best Practices to Jump Start Economic Development. Economic Development: Building Sustainable Communities. Young Elected Officials Network National Convening, Arlington VA. May 14, 2010.

Rethinking Who Should Be a Homeowner. Rethink, Recover, Rebuild: Reinventing Older Communities, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. May 12-14, 2010.

Not an Equal Opportunity Economic Crisis. Fair Housing, Fair Lending Conference. Housing Education and Economic Development, Jackson, MS. April 22, 2010.

The Great Ambiguity of the Economic Recovery. Omricon Delta Epsilon Annual Dinner, Howard University Chapter. Howard University, Washington, DC. April 15, 2010.

Five Realities of the Economic Crisis. Consumer Protection: States in the Vanguard Conference, Suffolk University Law School. Boston, MA. April 9, 2010.

The Foreclosure Crisis: The Next Wave. Building on the Past to Shape the Future: Advancing Community Reinvestment, National Community Reinvestment Coalition. Washington, DC. March 12, 2010.

Moderator: “Strategies to Transform REO and Vacant Properties into Community Assets.” Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative Grantees Convening, Open Society Institute. Miami, FL. February 17-19, 2010.

The Past is Prelude: Sitting in the Eye of the Foreclosure Storm. Conference: Mortgage Foreclosure Policy, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL. December 9, 2009.

The Great Wealth Transfer: Implications for Future Generations. Building Wealth Over a Lifetime Panel, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Annual Conference, Washington, DC. November 5, 2009.

The Imperative of Now: Addressing Disparities in Wealth and Income. Second Regional Conference on Closing the Wealth Gap: Promoting an Inclusive Asset-Building Agenda, Center for Social Development, Washington University in St. Louis and Tuskegee University, Tallahassee, FL. October 15, 2009.

Jobless Recovery: an Oxymoron. Conference: Celebrate CRA 2009, Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Wilmington, DE. October 6, 2009.

Origins and Current Status of the Foreclosure Crisis. Conference on Race and the Subprime Crisis, Milano School for Management and Urban Policy at The New School and the Center for New York City Affairs, New York, NY. October 5, 2009.

A Moment in History. Conference: Fair Housing in a Time of Crisis, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL. September 11-12, 2009.

Sowing the Seeds of the Next Financial Crisis? Leadership Roundtable: The Road to Recovery: What Happened? What’s Working? What’s Next? Federal Financial Regulatory Interagency Community Affairs Conference, Fairfax VA. August 25, 2009.

If this is a Recovery, What does a Recession Feel Like? American Sociological Association, 104th Annual Meeting: The New Politics of Community, San Francisco, CA. August 9, 2009.

Stumbling Through Recovery. National Association of Real Estate Brokers 2009 Annual Convention, Montego Bay, Jamaica. August 1, 2009.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: Briefing for the Association of Black Foundation Executives. Webinar, Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Washington, DC. July 22, 2009.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: What are the Critical Next Steps? Conference on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: Policy Recommendations and Strategic Action, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Washington, DC. June 29, 2009.

From Bad Loans to a Sour Economy: The Evolving Foreclosure Crisis and Damage to the U.S. Financial System, Metropolitan Center at Florida International University, Miami, FL. May 15, 2009.

Moderator: The First 100 Days of the Obama Administration. A discussion between Nobel Prize-winning economists Joseph Stigliz and Robert Solow, Roosevelt Institute, New York, NY. April 29, 2009.

Public Policy Priorities for the New Millennium. The Arca Foundation and The Media Consortium, Economic/Media Strategy Retreat, Musgrove, St. Simon’s Island, GA. April 24-26, 2009.

Implications of the Foreclosure Crisis on Credit Markets, Family Wealth and the US Economy. Wisconsin Fair Housing Network’s 23rd Statewide Fair Housing Conference and Awards Luncheon, Milwaukee, WI. April 24, 2009.

The $12.8 Trillion Question: Is it Time to Change Strategies Yet? Demos, Lifting the TARP: Is a Reconstruction Finance Corporation a Better Way to Restore the Banking System? Washington, DC. April 8, 2009.

Investing to Create a Stronger and Better Democracy. Economic Policy Institute, National Press Club, Washington, DC. April 7, 2009.

Death at the Hands of Parties Unknown: The Foreclosure Crisis and Communities of Color. Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc. 50th Anniversary Fair Housing Symposium Conference, Baltimore, MD. April 3, 2009.

The Imperative for an Inclusive Society. The Color of Wealth 2009 Policy Summit, Ford Foundation and Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Washington, DC. March 23-24, 2009.

The Financial Services Bailout: Cause, Effect and Limits of Government Action. The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, National Press Club, Washington, DC. March 19, 2009.

Surreal and Unbelievable: The Facts Behind the Collapse of the Housing and Credit Market. National Community Reinvestment Coalition Annual Conference, Roadmap to a Financially Inclusive Society, Washington, DC. March 13, 2009.

No End In Sight: The Foreclosure Crisis and Its Damage to the Credit Markets, Family Wealth, and the U.S. Economy. National Association of Counties, Community and Economic Development Steering Committee Meeting, Washington, DC. March 9, 2009.

Community Leadership In a Time of Financial and Economic Crisis. Fannie Mae, Black History Month Recognition, Washington, DC. February 26, 2009.

Rebuilding Homeownership Markets in Communities of Color. NeighborWorks America, Strategies for Effective Outreach to Minority Homeowners, Washington, DC. February 6, 2009.

Achieving the Greatest Economic Leverage from Federal Recovery Investments. U.S. Conference of Mayors 77th Winter Meeting, Washington, DC. January 18, 2009.