Selected Articles

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Center for American Progress
November 2013. Author

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On Behalf of the Opportunity Agenda, National Fair Housing Alliance and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers
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Association for Enterprise Opportunity
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National Association of Real Estate Brokers
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Fifty Years After the March on Washington, Equality Remains a Dream
The Roosevelt Institute
August 2013. Author.

Hensarling Bill Moves Further Away from Housing Finance Reform
Congress Blog
July 2013. Co-author.

Rethinking the Federal Housing Administration
Center for American Progress
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The Great (Fake) Debate
March 2013. Author.

Spending Cut. Now, GOP, Where Are the Jobs?
March 2013. Author.

FHA's Delicate Balancing Act
December 2012. Co-author.

Lessons Offered But Not (Necessarily) Learned from the Collapse of the Housing Market and Near Implosion of the U.S. Financial System
Vital Speeches of the Day, Vol LXXVIII No. 12
December 2012. Author.

Five Lessons Offered, but Not Learned, Regarding the Collapse of the Housing and Financial Markets and Ensuing Great Recession
Segregation and the Foreclosure Crisis (working title)
by Gregory Squires and Chester Hartman
Forthcoming, December 2012. Co-author.

A Bolder Vision for the Secondary Market
National Housing Institute, Montclair, NJ.
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National Community Reinvestment Coalition White Paper
Prepared for the Annie E. Casey Foundation
October 2012. Co-Author.

Governor Romney's Housing Plan: Playing Politics with the American Dream
The Huffington Post
October 2012. Co-Author.


Wealth Stripping: Why it Costs so Much to be Poor
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
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Housing and Society
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Principal Reduction: A Lifelife for Underwater Homeowners
Congress Blog
August 2012. Author.

A Stimulus for the Middle Class
July, 2012. Author.

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George Mason University School of Public Policy
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Disturbing But Not Surprising: Biased Treatment in Bankruptcy Protection
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The Foreclosure Crisis and Its Impact on Communities of Color: Research and Solutions

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Predatory Lending
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Changing Financial Markets and Community Development
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The NeighborWorks Journal, Washington, DC
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